Beach front Bacnotan La Union

Beach Lot

Thinking about your future? Of course everyone does, especially for our families. You don't have to worry , we are here to help you out, get the right investment. As we all know that the Northern part of the Philippines is already known for the beauty of its beaches. With that being said, here's a great opportunity, great investment with great return of investment. We have a parcel of land, which is actually at the beachfront located in Bacnotan, La Union. A titled property with a land area of 4580 square meters. It is along the Barangay Road. This lot is very suitable to put up a Beach Resort since Beach Resorts are just around the area. The frontage of the property is 58.87 meter; it's 895 meters away from the National Highway; 126 meters from the National Highway going to the market; and 389 meters from the National Highway going to the Municipality of Bacnotan, La Union.

So what are you waiting for, come and see the property by yourself, don't miss the chance or opportunity to own the said property and start investing for your future.











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